About us

“Nature and beauty are our starting point and our goal”

Kiphy is the name of an ancient Egyptian perfume.

At the time, the common belief was that one would die every night and was then reborn the next morning and the Kiphy made this voyage much more peaceful.

We are Pina and Gennaro owners of Kiphy, which starts in the year 2000 from our
desire and creativity to experiment new technics from the natural and antique
production o soap making. We started selling our products in natural orientated
markets and in cultural festivals across the Italian peninsula. We are at the foot
of the Vesuvius volcano, a land full of energy and millenary excellences. In the
year 2006 we opened our first Kiphy boutique shop in the heart of the historic city
center of Naples. This new project made real the possibility to offer our soaps in an
atmosphere developed by ourselves, where our clients have the possibility to choose
our products using all of their senses, making this a completely new experience in
the rituals of body cleansing. We have also opened an on-line store (kiphy.it), this
way our customers to acquire everything they desire.


Our soaps are made following a “cold” method because this allows us to conserve all of the natural oils and essence properties as natural as possible. The products are
100% vegetable, biodegradable and do not contain synthetic fragrances, nor artificial
colorings, no tensilactives nor petroleum based chemicals. The base oils of all of our
products are Palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil. In the last years, we
have created tow soaps that do not have any palm oil and this has been substituted
adding more olive oil and calendula. Regarding the olfactory properties, we only
use exclusive high quality essential oils. To give color to our different soaps we use
different spices, pulverized plants, flower petals and fruits. These soaps are made
in 10 kilo blocks and once we take them out of the wooden molds we hand polish
it, we identify it with a number and place it on wooden shelves to settle. During the
ageing process, which is between one to three months, the soap looses the excess
water, its ph. values get better, it gets more refined, perfumes equilibrate and colors
stabilize. This is the moment in which we hand cut every piece and prepare them to
sell in our seven different presentations.


Our boutique shop is in the historic city center of Naples. It is a place of gathering, where you just do not go shopping but where your desires and needs come true.
Every contact with our clients is precious, it gives life to new solutions and ideas for our product range that grow and change with us.

Currently it is possible to order online only from Italy. For orders from the rest of Europe, contact us by email at: info@kiphy.it Dismiss