About us

‘Kiphy’ is the name of an Ancient Egypt’s perfume. Back then, people thought we died every night and resurrected every morning, and kiphy was believed to make this journey more pleasant.
Our journey started in 2006, when me and Gennaro opened our workshop. Since then we have been creating and producing natural handmade bar soaps. In this process, nature is our cornerstone, but the quality of our ingredients is not our only focus; in fact, we also care about stimulating our clients’ sense of smell and sight. For these reasons, our bar soaps is cold processed, without the use of any machine, making all of our products fully handmade.

  • Nature is our starting point and our destinations.
  • Our workshop is the extension of our home. When we welcome our clients, they look around, interested in the things they see and asking what they are and what they are for, we are welcoming them in our own personal world.
  • You won’t find machines here, because everything is handmade.
  • There will never be a bar soap identical to another one – they are always one of a kind, different from all the previous and future ones.
  • For us, any mistake is an opportunity to discover and follow new roads.
  • We always try to tell a story, first to ourselves and then to the others, be it a version of the world or what people experience, otherwise beredome is just around the corner!