Effervescent cubes

These effervescent cubes, for hot baths or foot baths, are made with sodium bicarbonate, cocoa butter and essential oils to give themselves (or give as gifts) a break from the frenetic rhythms.

The bicarbonate has emollient and antibacterial properties, cocoa butter nourishes in depth and the essential oils leave a delicate and persistent scent on the skin in harmony with the aromatherapy properties of each of them.

Orange and cinnamon: spicy and warm, perfect for a winter break.

Litsea: deodorant and stimulating, with a characteristic lemon smell, the spice of good humor par excellence.

Lavender and benzoin: to relieve tension and calm the mind.

Mint and lemon: perfect for a toning foot bath and stimulate the microcirculation and relieve the tiredness of heavy legs or why not, a super regenerating hot bath.

Benzoin, incense and lemon: soft and sensual scent, warms and tones the heart

Currently it is possible to order online only from Italy. For orders from the rest of Europe, contact us by email at: info@kiphy.it Dismiss