Every bar soap we make is the result of an all-natural cold process, which does not involve any machine, so that it doesn’t change the properties of our carefully-selected ingredients.

All of our bar soaps are made with natural oils, such as: almond, coconut, olive and palm. The exception is our palm oil-free line, where we use sesame or calendula oil.

(We like our ingredient list to be short, because we believe it to be the proof of how much we care about our soap, perfect for any kind of skin, even the most sensitive one.) We keep our ingredient list short to prove that it is not necessary to add artificial ingredients to make quality products.

A lot of attention is paid to our fully plant-based oils and to colouring, both of which give different cosmetic and aromatherapeutic properties to each bar soap. 

A bar soap for each skin, a fragrance for each need.

Currently it is possible to order online only from Italy. For orders from the rest of Europe, contact us by email at: Dismiss